Full-featured LMS solution

Meet Evniverse LMS - a full-featured LMS (Learning Management System), designed to provide everything your company needs to build a learning experience that every employee will love.

Features of Evniverse LMS

Intuitive interface for training managers and learners

Our learning platform dashboard keep everything organized in one place.

One of the essential key features of every LMS software is the user-friendly interface and navigation.

Our Dashboard provides you with all functions you need for course management, learners’ progress, engagement, course creation, quizzes, assessment tools, certificate generation, and many more. Access and manage all your learning resources and tools conveniently from a single location.

Build employee training programs

Create training courses with the revolutionary Course Builder

Enjoy unlimited options to specify every aspect of your learning programs. From the maximum learners, the difficulty level of your training and section for questions and answers.

Evniverse LMS - control every aspect of your training program via Course Settings.

Quizzes to assess knowledge retention

Another one of the lms key features: adding training content/course materials
Enjoy the flexibility of creating unlimited quizzes

Utilize our powerful quiz creator to design customized tests with convenient features such as unique question types, a timer, and more. This allows you to create engaging quizzes and track your employees' skill development.

Analyze learner progress

Gain valuable insights into course effectiveness, track individual learner progress, and access a wealth of data-driven analytics to enhance your understanding of performance and training process.

Data tracking and skills development

Efficiently monitor and evaluate the progress of both learners and online courses to gauge their effectiveness and performance.

LMS features: track learners progress

Certificates of completion

Our learner management system offer intuitive way to create and manage completion certification.
Flexibility in editing certificates like never before

Take full control of editing certificate elements to match your preferences. Customize logos, and fonts, choose colors, manage layers, and utilize a comprehensive certificate builder to create personalized certificates for your training programs.

Automated alerts and notifications

Keep your learners and trainers informed and engaged with personalized and interactive notifications, enhancing the overall experience within our Learning Management System (LMS).

Email notification

Gain a competitive edge by utilizing our exclusive, professionally designed email templates tailored for each event like new courses, enrollments, finished tests, etc.


Utilize the Event Calendar feature to help learners effortlessly manage assignments, schedule tasks, set deadlines, and stay informed about their eLearning plan.

Training management like never before

Host live sessions

Add interactive and effective live classes by integrating platforms like Zoom, Google Classroom, or Google Meet.

Multi-lingual support

We provide support for the following languages: English, German, and Bulgarian.

Mobile eLearning

Enable learners to access training materials conveniently from their mobile devices.

Gamification features

Drive engagement and adoption by utilizing badges, points, levels, rewards, and leaderboards.

Blended learning

You can efficiently organize instructor-led training sessions, either in-person at a physical location or online through videoconferencing.

Personalized learning paths

Guide the employee training by specifying the proper audience, and prerequisites, on how courses can be completed and more.

Learning materials

Easily upload and store materials within your account. Efficiently organize, reuse, and share them with specific users as needed.


Sell individual courses or offer them through subscription plans with features such as discounts, bundles, and integration with payment methods.

User management and authentication


Easily create multiple sub-accounts or branches, e.g. for different departments and teams, within a single company account to cater to your specific needs.

User management

Customize roles and permissions for different users, ensuring that each individual only has access to the specific information they need to see.

Extensible profiles

Enhance user-profiles and courses by adding custom information fields, allowing you to gather and report on enriched details.

Bulk actions

Streamline administrative tasks with a wide range of mass actions available throughout the platform, making them effortless to manage.


Engage with a highly secure platform that prioritizes security by providing secure communication channels.


Ensure GDPR compliance by collecting user approvals, excluding individuals who have opted out of data collection from your reports.

Why Evniverse LMS?

Experience growth at its best in a place where great teams come together to thrive. Our platform provides the ideal environment for teams to develop and expand their skills, knowledge, and potential. Whether it’s through interactive online courses, collaborative projects, or valuable resources, we empower teams to reach new heights. Join us and unlock the growth opportunities that await you and your team.

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